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Meet Helen Lopez

Helen has worked with individuals and their growing families over the past decade and more
specifically with women leading in their household finances and businesses. Her greatest passion
is seeing her clients realize their personal and business goals through setting up and practicing
the right money habits.

Helen hopes to help busy women feel more confident in their financial decisions through
education and ongoing support. More importantly, she hopes to transform conversations around
money from being a burden and bore to something that women feel proud of and can have fun

Helen’s superpower is connecting and relating. She values relationships and has built a network of partners and professionals of integrity to help her clients become more whole and at peace with their financial future.

In her personal time, Helen is outdoors in the wild having fun with her two girls and husband. They love to swim, kayak, bike, ski and climb to new heights. They enjoy people, travel and love nature as it reminds them of what’s most important in life.

Client Success Stories

Sarah heard about my work for a few years but did not connect until she started
feeling dissatisfied with the lack of support and communication from her previous
advisor. She was not entirely clear on what to expect from her relationship with an
advisor and simply invested conservatively. In her mid 40s, she was already
nervous about the markets as close relatives lost a lot of money in the 2008 crisis.
As a successful realtor in Toronto, sole breadwinner and mom to two kids, she
found her time stretched. We identified that her greatest need was to clarify
whether her current savings was enough to meet the future needs of her family.

Secondly, she wanted education on how the markets worked so she can gain
confidence in her investment decisions rather than lose sleep when markets
became volatile. As we worked together over the last few years, we have created
structure, clarity and increased Sarah’s engagement in making decisions.

Specifically, we have worked to create an investment blueprint that provides a level
of guarantee much like a pension for her future retirement so Sarah can rest
assured that being self employed did not mean she could not enjoy the benefits of
an income for life.

Why I choose to work with Helen Lopez

I conscientiously saved and invested with 2 previous advisors and ended up with
nothing to show for as the funds selected for me by previous advisors were not
suitable or were bad funds and I lost money.

I have peace of mind and confidence now and for the future knowing Helen is
taking care of my financial needs and goals.

Helen is an excellent educator and is always willing to help me understand the
market and shares resources she finds with me to enhance my understanding of
the financial world and markets in general out there.
She doesn’t ‘just do the deal/paperwork and disappears.’

Helen keeps in regular
touch with me and calls to discuss any questions I may have.

Esther was in her early 40s and had spent most of her life teaching and ministering
overseas. A few years ago, she felt the call to return to Canada for some time of
rest. She felt the need to restore her vision and was struggling with how to plan for
her future. She recognized that finances was a big part of it and came to me to
develop a blueprint. We discussed the need to establish long term goals as she was
not planning on earning a lot of money like most professionals in her field and
could not depend on the prospect of a comfortable pension.

Esther recognized her need to save and invest, allowing her money to work hard
for her. We repositioned the holdings in her current assets to ensure it aligned with
her risk personality and tolerance level and set out a path to have her fund most of
her future savings into a TFSA instead of an RRSP, given she would not benefit
much from her lower income bracket. By setting up structure, she has been able to
set aside investments for the long term and has developed a savings habit that will
benefit her for life. Paying herself first did not come naturally but it became easier
and more rewarding over the years as she can look back at her commitment with
tangible results.

Further, we were able to take advantage of her youth by securing lower rates for a
long term care and critical illness plan to ensure she had funds to pay for her aging
years. Being single and having no dependents, Esther wanted to ensure she had
money to pay for her future care and not depend solely on her savings and
investments, as it may not be enough. Esther also did not want to become a burden
on her siblings who have families of their own.

Today, Esther can look back with tangible results and is a lot more confident in
making financial decisions for her future. She has also started her own business
with partners and maybe considering an international venture in the near future.

Why I choose to work with Helen Lopez

Choosing an advisor came from recognizing that I can access more resources and
insights than I had time to glean, if I had not come to a financial advisor. My
previous advisor’s approach was hands-off, unsuitable for my level of financial
literacy. Helen, in contrast, asked me about my situation, took time to hear my
questions, and helped me set new goals. I discovered that a bit of financial literacy
could equip me for better decisions, further down the line. She reminds me of my
goals, keeps my risk tolerance in-sight, and introduces new products each year.
She is helping me learn to watch the financial reports and make decisions that will
bring me nearer to meeting my financial goals.

Carrie came to me because she had been separated and was looking for an advisor
to help her navigate through this big change in her life. She was used to having her
husband manage all of their accounts and had little knowledge of personal finance.

Her two children were under the age of 10 and struggling to accept their new
normal. Although there were a lot of unknowns as the divorce process was not
going smoothly, we focused on what we knew and worked with setting some goals
that Carrie could make decisions on. Goals such as saving for her kids education as
well as well as putting monies aside for her own retirement into an RRSP that
would also help lower her personal taxes. We also structured part of her existing
RRSP into safer investment options and kept it flexible in the event she needed
access to pay for additional legal fees.

Additionally, we worked on a budget and reviewed it to ensure she had sufficient
cash flow and emergency fund. Lastly, we conducted a risk analysis for Carrie to
ensure we filled in any income and cash flow gaps by looking at what insurance
coverage she had. We topped up her disability insurance to ensure it kept pace
with the growth of her income as a self employed professional. We also purchased
her critical illness insurance to ensure she had funds to pay for the cost of getting
sick given she has been under a lot of stress and are susceptible to being critically

Over the years, I have seen Carrie grow in her confidence in making financial
decisions. I have also seen her grow in courage and patience as she strives to create
a home filled with peace and love for her children. She has been an inspiration to
me and reminds me of how sacrificial a mother’s love is. I commend her
tremendously for reaching out for help even in the midst of emotional turmoil and

Why I choose to work with Helen Lopez

Helen has been my financial advisor for the past three years. She is knowledgeable
in her field, enjoys her work and enjoys helping others. When I first met Helen, I
was going through a transition in my life and I suddenly needed to manage my
finances on my own, which I found intimidating since I had limited financial
knowledge. Helen takes a genuine interest in understanding my situation and
finding the best options for me as my situation changed. I appreciated Helen’s
patience and the time she took in explaining my financial options and ensuring
that I understood the information she presented. Over the years, working with
Helen has given me more confidence and better understanding of my financial
matters. Her kindness, gentle nature and genuine interest in her clients makes her
a great person to work with.

Martha married later in life and became a stepmother to several adult children and
grandchildren. Jim is the breadwinner and teacher of 13 years and Martha is a
caregiver to her aging parents. When they came to me for advice on retirement
planning, I noticed their investments were in a higher risk category than they were
comfortable with. Their advisor had not had the time to regularly check in on their
risk comfort levels as they got older. They had lost monies over the years and were
not sure if they were able to recover those losses. Further, Jim was over 65 and
their advisor told him to continue funding his CPP at work and defer applying for
Old Age Security Benefits & CPP until he was ready to retire at 70. The concern
was that he would be paying additional taxes that he did not need to pay given he
was still making a higher income teaching.

As I reviewed his pension, I recognized that the more he contributed to CPP, the
less he would receive in his pension because it was designed to integrate with one
another. As such, I advised him to stop paying into CPP and redirect the funds to a
TFSA to provide savings for his own family that was more tax efficient and would
give his family more control over the money. Further, I noticed he had significant
RRSP room that he had not used up from his previous career and had him apply
the benefits received from CPP and OAS into a spousal RRSP as contribution each
year to cancel the taxes. By doing so, he would have money in an RRSP for his own
family in the event he needed it.

After 3 years, Jim and Martha were able to set aside a significant portion of money
that they would not have received had they not applied earlier. They did not pay
tax on those benefits as they deferred it to an RRSP. They had emergency savings
in a TFSA that would have otherwise gone towards funding a bigger CPP for Jim
but lowering his teachers monthly pension.

Lastly, by reviewing Jim’s pension, I ensured they made the right choices to ensure
Martha received the maximum survivor pension she could receive in case
something happened to Jim, especially because Martha had not worked for over 10
years. We also reviewed Jim’s life insurance and ensured he had monies to provide
for Martha in the event of death and cover off any final expenses. Lastly, we
ensured their wills and powers of attorney were up to date and that in the event of
a medical event, Jim and Martha would have power to execute so that there would
be no hiccups or chaos.

Sadly, Jim was diagnosed with a degenerative disease at age 69, forcing him to
retire and is now being cared for by Martha. Throughout this journey, I have been
able to guide Martha through the transition practically as well as being an ear to
listen and encourage her through this difficult season in their lives. She is able to
use some of the monies saved up to carry them through the transition and she has
greater peace of mind knowing that they made important decisions years prior to
Jim’s diagnosis.

Why we choose to work with Helen Lopez

Helen Lopez is our financial advisor and we are glad we made this decision over 8
years ago.

Helen has demonstrated many positive character traits in our many interactions.
The three attributes we value the most are: integrity; honesty; & reliability.
We value Helen’s advice regarding our financial portfolio and her consistency in
financial knowledge & (godly or moral) character has given us confidence in her in
getting our financial affairs in order. This is why we continue to trust & work with
Helen .

Helen stands out among the other financial advisors we have met by genuinely
caring for us and our needs. She values us and wants the best for our financial
success. She presents us with many options for future planning giving us choice to
opt in but never pressures us which is appreciated.

She continues to learn to keep herself up dated with new industry and government
changes & policies in order to keep us informed and educated to make the right

Helen’s genuine care for us and wanting the best for us is an incredible asset which
truthfully leads to “Giving you peace of mind” regarding our financial affairs.

Peace of Mind for the Journey

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